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Not everything is known when starting a new website-that is what makes them exciting! Discovering, learning, and creating; these are the things brought out by a new project. Yet what rears its ugly head each time are the influx of new requirements. Those grandiose ambitions that we can sometimes achieve while other times force us to wander the swamp lands looking for answers.

What we can bring to battle is understanding and experience of the tools and resources we have available. And one of those resources is often related to the arts of the website. They can be graphics, pictures, icons, and even design patterns such as old symbols on rugs. The main thing is they influence the user’s first impression of the website.

Here we have the greatest opportunity to use various resources to create our initial designs. Then iterate them to not become chaos but rather harmony and balance. To do so, we should make sure to use resources that only are already made but with the fewest restraints.

MIT License tend to be one of the least restrictive for software and graphics. Outside of that obviously public domain graphics are awesome as well.

The following are resources for graphic illustrations that use MIT License:

Resources for icons:

Resources for design patterns:


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